Experiments with Light

Exploration of lighting styles and techniques

"Marineland Nights" - Light-painting at dusk on the beach, Marineland, FL
"All Alone in the Night" - Long-Exposure Wide-Field Astrophotography
"Portrait of a Man" - Gelled strobes and hairspray in studio
"Blue Fairy" - Single exposure using Christmas lights and strobes
"Hoop Dreams" - Single exposure using LED Hula Hoop and gelled strobes in studio
"The Girl in the Fire" - Single-exposure of fire dancing using zoom lens
"Golden Hour" Sunset-balanced speedlights on location
"Rainbow from Silver" - Gelled strobes on reflective metal surfaces
Metal lighting demo using gelled strobes
"Honey Pot" - Bounced speedlight with macro lens
"Chyna's Car Ride" - Faux-HDR from single raw image
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